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Blue Chip Lubricants (Pty) Ltd is a leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of a wide variety of high quality oils and greases in South Africa since 1983. For more than 30 years Blue Chip have been dedicated to providing a complete range of accredited lubricants to a broad spectrum of customers in a wide variety of industries such as the automotive, construction, mining, engineering, agricultural and transport segments. We pride ourselves in our service excellence and reliability of our products.

In terms of our agreement with Q8Oils all Q8 lubricants produced by Blue Chip Lubricants are blended using only the highest quality additives sourced from approved international suppliers and imported Q8 base oils produced from Kuwait Export Crude. Most petroleum products are derived from crude oil which, as a natural material, has a tendency to vary in type and quality depending on its source. Kuwait Export Crude is however exceptional, its consistency and superior quality make it the perfect feed-stock for refining high quality base oils. Q8 base oils are also hydro-finished using a unique process that removes any remaining impurities after the refining process, rendering them clear, pure and very oxidation stable.

In addition to the Q8Oils range of products, Blue Chip Lubricants also produce a series of lubricants specifically formulated for the South African market. For more information about these products kindly contact us directly on +27 (0)11 462-1829 during office hours or on 

[email protected].    

At Blue Chip Lubricants we have the people, products and proficiency to keep the wheels of industry turning.

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