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Q8Oils saves London United Busways $195,000.




London United Busways carries 155 million passengersover 37 million kilometres every year in the UKs capital.


Q8Oils low SAPs synthetic engine oils greatly extend oil drain periods and have provided a significant year-on-year saving of approximately £26,000 (US$39,000), which equates to £130,000 (US$195,000) over five years for London United Busways in the UK, including the reduction in waste oil, filters and labour. Q8Oils wide range of fully synthetic and semi-synthetic gear and transmission oils also enabled LUB to extend oil drain intervals, as well as being energy efficient, and all are approved to OEM specifications.



Les Birchley has been engineering director of London United Busways for twelveyears and for five of those the company has been using Q8Oils’ lubricants. He said ‘’Oil is a long-term investment and part of a £20 million budget spentmaintaining buses; Q8Oils produce high performance products that we can trust.”



Les explains that the business believes in long-term relationships and tries to develop partnerships with its major suppliers beyond the relationships that typically exist. He also believes that the real benefits lie in quality of supply, relationships and continuity. Products such as oils, lubricants andanti-freeze are the life-blood of the industry along with fuels, so it is important that customers and suppliers get it right.


For moreinformation please contact Q8Oils Brand & Communication Manager Neil Grieve- [email protected]


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